[openal] Making OpenAL Soft more "portable"?

Marvin -SShock circumflex at gmx.net
Fri Jun 3 14:52:34 EDT 2016

I really like your work and I'm currently interested in getting OpenAL Soft with HRTF to work in Dark engine games, see here:

One hurdle in getting more people to try OALS is the installation process. To install OALS one has to have at least a basic understanding of the OS which some users might lack. This is where fanpatches can help. However, the user would still have to change the OS sampling frequency to match the HRTF table, plus the author of the SS2 fanpatch is against making his tool change files outside of the game folder, possibly because of security concerns. Is it possible to change OALS in such a way so as to use it as a drop-in, fully portable replacement? Let's say the game is set up to recognize OALS, this would require
a) having OALS look for the alsoft.ini inside the game folder (it already does this for HRTF tables, so why not the ini, too?)
b) being able to override the Windows sampling frequency with the setting from alsoft.ini, i.e. having a "force sampling frequency" option

This would also enable anyone to use per-game settings instead of relying on one single global configuration which might have to be changed for each game.

Is this possible? Or do you have doubts about it/not enough time?

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