[openal] OpenAL Soft 1.18.2 released!

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 12:12:05 EDT 2017

OpenAL Soft 1.18.2 has been tagged and released.


This is a rather small release but has an important fix for Windows. A 
bug that caused the FPU rounding mode to be changed after certain 
function calls on Windows has been fixed so it's correctly restored 
prior to returning to the application. It also fixes a potential crash 
in the JACK backend when using JACK1. There's also been fixes for 
building on NetBSD, older FreeBSD, and with Clang on Windows.

Note that this release was tagged in the v1.18 branch if you're pulling 
from Git. The master branch contains the same fixes, but also has 
several other changes not present in the release.

Thanks for looking!

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