[openal] Attenuation Roll-Off problems (too silent)

Roland Plüss roland at rptd.ch
Fri May 20 08:40:23 EDT 2022

That does not sound very usable. I've created my game engine to be 
predictable to avoid trial-and-error. I'm also using CPU ray-tracing to 
do a form of aurealization. Messing with roll-off and reference-distance 
makes this difficult.

Let's get back to the conversation example. When a person is standing 
across the room then I can not set the volume to 4 or more to make it 
audible. This would mean the person speaks as loud as a car engine or 
something similar. This also means whenever a person moves you have to 
adjust the gain to make it louder when further away.

There has to be a sane way to set this value in a physically plausible way.

Am 20.05.22 um 10:10 schrieb Chris Robinson:
> On Friday, May 20, 2022 12:47:20 AM PDT Roland Plüss wrote:
>> The reference distance is set to 1 for all sources since I found no
>> definition for how to set it if a physically correct sound is used where
>> you know only it's volume. How is the physically correct value
>> calculated for use with OpenAL?
> The sound designer needs to come up with it, given how loud the sound file is
> at full volume compared to how loud it should be at a given distance. Each
> sound will need manual adjustments made by ear. If you have any information
> about how the sound was recorded (e.g. if it was quiet near sound or a loud
> far sound) and what processing was done to it (e.g. if it was boosted or
> attenuated, and by how much), that can help guide you to proper values, but
> ultimately it needs some trial and error.
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