[openal] openal-soft for android/winrt

Mark Sibly blitzmunter at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 00:52:12 EDT 2014


I've just got openal-soft building for android thanks to the opensl backend
(although I haven't actually tested it yet...).

Anyway, I suck at cmake and building etc, so I just fudged around with a
version of config.h I generated on x86 ubuntu, removing #define's until it
built. Is there a better way? I couldn't see an 'android ndk' generator for
cmake anywhere so wasn't sure how to proceed.

Also, now that I'm using a 'customized' version of openal-soft thanks to my
munged config.h, I technically need to release/provide the source code to
it to abide by the lgpl, correct? Do I need to provide all the source, or
just my new config.h? Does my android game have to come with a message
directing people to the modified source? I have  no problem with releasing
anything I've done to openal-soft, as long as it doesn't become a major

Finally, are there any plans for a winrt version of openal-soft, or perhaps
it's already done?!?

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