[openal] Alure problem with vs2013

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Mon May 18 20:30:11 EDT 2015

On 05/18/2015 10:11 AM, Daniel Gibson wrote:
> But does DirectShow really help?
> Don't know about now, but a few years back it didn't even support
> ogg/vorbis out of the box, so you'd have to install a corresponding codec..
> I don't think installing system-wide codecs as part of installing your
> game is such a great thing (assuming you don't want to use one of the
> codecs that's supported out of the box)?

Not necessarily DirectShow itself, but something like it. A centralized 
component that codecs can be registered for and any app using the API 
can access those codecs. For Linux, vorbis and flac would be pretty much 
guaranteed to be supported (mp3 less so, for reasons).

I don't foresee something like that being used much for commercial 
stuff, but for smaller, more niche, or personal apps it could be very 
useful. I can't count the number of times I've wished for an API that 
manages audio (and video) decoders. Something I can just use and have it 
support whatever my system can support.

>  From a practical point of view I'd like to be able to easily create a
> libalure.so/.dll with all codecs I want statically compiled in, so I
> don't have to ship libvorbis, libsndfile, libmpg123, ... with my game,
> but just this one libalure.

That's certainly understandable, and will likely be an option. Windows 
makes this a bit difficult since it needs compile-time considerations to 
link a static lib vs dynamic, but otherwise it's just a matter of making 
sure the static lib is referenced in the appropriate cmake variable.

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