[openal] HRTF in OpenAL-Soft 1.15.1 via LWJGL 2.9.x

Matthew Kerswill leetcat at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 16:53:17 EDT 2015


I have a programming-related question regarding the use of HRTFs in
OpenAL-Soft. Before I ask it, I just want to mention that I'm not a
programmer. I'm an HRTF enthusiast and I'm looking into this subject with a
view to passing the information on to an actual programmer.

I'm aware that it is possible for an end-user on Windows to enable HRTFs in
OpenAL-Soft by creating a config file (alsoft.ini) and adding the line
"hrtf=true". My question is:

Is it possible for a game programmer to request that OpenAL-Soft render
audio with HRTFs? In other words, can an application turn on HRTFs without
the end-user having to fiddle with config files?

If this is possible, how is it done? Is it a simple code change?

I'm specifically interested in how this would be done using OpenAL-Soft
1.15.1 because this is the version of OpenAL-Soft that comes packaged in
version 2.9.x of the Light Weight Java Game Library (LWJGL).

I searched for tutorials on this matter but wasn't able to find any. If
there are any Java programmers reading this mailing list who are familiar
with LWJGL, I would be very grateful for a code sample (or a link to a code
sample) that initializes OpenAL-Soft with HRTFs enabled (assuming it is

Kind regards,
Matthew Kerswill.
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